Research Interests

The parietal cortex, in particular the intraparietal sulcus, is a hub of cognitive activity.  This region has been shown to be involved in such diverse cognitive processes as spatial attention, visual short term memory, object individuation and identification, numerosity, eye movements, hand grasping and reaching movements, and scene processing.  However, the relationship between these cognitive processes, and thus the functional organization of this region, remains largely unknown.  My work uses the recently discovered topographic regions within IPS as a basis to try to consolidate information across cognitive domains.  In doing this, I hope to form a better understanding of the role IPS plays in cognition.

I am also interested in understanding how information is stored in visual short term memory and the underlying nature of capacity limits within our visual attention and short term memory systems.

My work uses a combination of fMRI, multivariate pattern analysis (MVPA), and psychophysical methods.  In the future, I plan to also use TMS to explore the causal relationships between parietal regions and various cognitive processes.


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